Choose Pavers in Sarasota!

When you choose pavers in Sarasota with us, you'll have no worries about trying to get to the retail store before they close! We bring the showroom to you with our showroom trailer. We have samples for you to compare to your home or business paint color, match up with surrounding landscape, and look at how closely they come to your roof tiles. 

We bring our top grade brick pavers to YOU, when you choose pavers in Sarasota, which are compressed at 12,000psi, as compared to the lower grade bricks you will find at local home improvement stores. Most bricks you find at stores like this will be compressed at 8,000psi, considerably more likely to chip and crack. They also, often, will only have color on the surface of the paver. The bricks we will show you have color all the way through the brick, for consistency. 

There are many choices in sizes and patterns, as well as upgrades to different types of pavers. We can show you the actual bricks, as well as large pictures, our before and after portfolio, and complete an estimate for you in a few minutes after measuring and laying out your job with you.

When you choose pavers in Sarasota with Gary, he will help you layout the borders and pattern of your project in a way that enhances the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and gives you choices for expanding your outdoor living area, as we all love to enjoy here in Florida.

In some cases, we will need to pull permits from the city or county, and Gary can explain that process to you, as well as the details of how the project will progress. 

The biggest benefit of the mobile showroom to choose pavers in Sarasota is that you get to see the colors in full natural light, next to the colors you have around your home or business. 

We have worked with many Home Owners Associations, Condominium Associations and businesses, because we are experienced and full insured. 

Areas we serve to choose pavers in Sarasota:

Sarasota  |  Nokomis  |  Osprey  |   Venice

Palmer Ranch  |  Gulf Gate  |  The Oaks  |  Oak Pond  |  Park Trace

Rivendell  |  Willow Bend  |   Stoneybrook  |   Turtle Rock  |  Deer Creek

Sorrento Shores  |  Sorrento East  |  Sorrento West

Mission Valley Estates

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We Bring the Showroom to YOU!